Your Custom Experience

Building a home with Glenora Homes is truly a custom experience. Our team devotedly works with each client through every step of their build, starting from the initial meetings, through design consultations and right to the moment when the keys are in the client’s satisfied hands.

The first step is to discuss the plan. For us, this is the joy of working in residential building – working closely with clients, finding out what they are looking for in their dream home and helping them come up with a plan to fit their dream. With a high standard of personal customer service, our team helps the client see the future of their project, and demonstrates how things will look when everything is finished. Beyond helping the client visualize their dream, this opens the client’s mind to explore what aspects fit their needs and what details would make the home the perfect space for them.

This future focus is kept in mind throughout the entire building process – we work to predict upcoming needs and preparing for them in advance. The homes are build to be everything the client envisions in their current dream home, along with awareness of clients’ desires for the future. This is true efficiency in building.

The build is completed with skilled tradespeople that work within the Glenora Homes systems and ensure quality craftsmanship. It is of utmost importance that the clients enter their new home completely happy with the look and function of the space – clients are consulted and kept in tune through the entire build.