We want your home!

Are you...

  • Tired of sinking money into an old property which you’ll never get back?
  • Tired of tenants who don’t care about your property?
  • Tired of constantly finding new tenants?
  • Tired of major issues in your home you have to pay for, wiping out years of rental income?
  • Paying city taxes regardless of if you have rental income?
  • Concerned with the possibility of someone building a large project next to your home, taking away your property value and possible future rental income?

We have a proven track record of working with people in Edmonton and area communities. We always carry out fair dealings and are straightforward in every step of the process. Given the age of your home, now can be the perfect time to sell.

During COVID-19 Alberta’s oil industry is at a historic low, which raises many questions of the future of our province’s real estate market: Will it survive or will it collapse?
We’ll pay you fair market value today for a home that may drop in price in a few short years.

Save Money

We will buy your property for fair market value -- in the easiest and smoothest transaction process!

  • We can take over your tenants.
  • We make this process worry free.
  • We buy your property without any low offers. No inspections. No showings to co-ordinate with your tenants.

Best of all: you'll keep over 15k in cold hard cash.

We pledge to purchase your property for fair market value. But how will you know for sure?
The only real way to know your property’s fair market value is an in-depth, market comparative analysis of the recently sold properties in your area. This is backed by MLS data from realtor.ca

We monitor the information monthly to stay on top of the prices in your neighborhood and ensure that we fulfil our commitment to pay you fair market price.

Confirm the results with your local realtor if you choose, although, we are happy to share this data with you for free.

Our 2021 buying program has space for a very limited number of properties. Please let us know if you’re not interested in selling your property anytime during 2021.

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