Time Tested Quality

Meet Glenora Homes – a fine custom home builder in Edmonton and surrounding areas, specializing in estate homes, infill homes, custom duplexes, and multifamily housing.

At Glenora Homes, we have an avid passion for building and turning four walls into a home that our clients truly love.

In his decades of experience as a civil engineer, our founder, Igor Zunik, worked on large infrastructure and commercial building projects, and as a site manager for some of the largest home-building companies in Edmonton. During his work, Igor saw an opportunity to create something unique for the Edmonton area: a company that had the experience, systems, and competitive pricing of a large volume builder, with the personal touch, attention to detail, and craftsmanship of a small, exclusive custom builder. And so, Glenora Homes was born. With a passion for efficiency and system structure, Glenora Homes was created to provide the exquisite luxury we love, at a price that could match the big volume builders.

Our team is adamant that you can use the highest quality materials, ensure quality workmanship, and add all the beautiful features that make a home special, without sacrificing competitive pricing. It is this commitment to custom quality at non-custom prices that saw Glenora Homes as a finalist in the Excellence in Housing Award 2016 for their duplex show home – a distinction made even more special as Glenora Homes was the only small builder in the category. Glenora Homes does not only compete among the biggest builders; the homes we build truly stand out amongst their surroundings.

Glenora Homes is also a proud member of the Canadian Home builders Association and the Infill Development Edmonton Association.